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The beginning of spring

The beginning of spring

This month of Mars is special, it marks the planetary conjunction of Mars, Venus and Saturn which can be seen in the southeast at dawn, at the end of the month the moon will come to join them there... Take your astronomical glasses for those who own it!

Manual task on the vines

The birds are back and the first buds are starting to appear in the vines.

We are going to proceed with the disbudding :

This task consists in removing in the center and on the slats the few extra buds whose future branches would lead to a pile of useless leaves.

These branches, in addition to the fact that they would weaken the vines by expending useless energy to grow, would risk hindering the aeration of the bunches by hiding them with their foliage. Which would later be a source of disease.

Mechanical work on the vineyard

Once the spring manure has been spread, the small mound that protects each vine stock in winter must be flattened.

Then, remove the grass that has grown, in the inter-row, every two rows.

And finally level the ground so that the tractors can pass without jostling the vines and the tractor drivers too much.

Our three tractors are now at work. You have to act fast because the grass is starting to grow fast !

The first treatments will begin with a sulfur spray to prevent the wood from diseases linked to winter humidity.

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