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The balance of Château Fougas vines helped by wildlife.

The balance of Château Fougas vines helped by wildlife.

In the vineyards our friends the auxiliaries.

In organic and biodynamic agriculture , we seek to create on the vineyard a natural balance conducive to the quality of the grapes that will be harvested by limiting the populations of pests that could alter the harvest.

We are helped by some animal species that reduce or eliminate pests. These, useful, are grouped under the term "auxiliary fauna".

It grows naturally in the absence of use of any pesticide.

 Among them, birds (such as redstart, woodpecker, tits, swallows for example), bats and amphibians, are major consumers of pests.

La coccinelle, une entomophage

But more often, the auxiliaries of the vines are represented by insects and mites entomophages (insect-eating). Ladybugs, bumblebees, lacewings, hoverflies, carabids or typhlodromes play an essential role in eliminating phytophagous insects.


As entomophagans are very selective, often only attacking a specific stage of development (eggs, larvae, nymphs, adults), their effectiveness is particularly convincing, and the ecological balance is guaranteed!

Thanks to our auxiliary friends, a natural balance is progressively established on the vineyard allowing the maintenance of foliage and clusters in good health.


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