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Vintage 2020 - Early and qualitative

Vintage 2020 - Early and qualitative

Vintage 2020 - Early and Qualitative



Budding :

2020 vintage was characterized by a hot climate all year round, with an atypical pluviometry: Very humid in autumn (2019) and spring (2020) but exceptionally dry during summer. Biodynamics and a reflection on new adapted cultivation practices have enabled us to maintain a healthy state of the vineyard while maintaining the quality and the advance of maturity.

The particularly hot winter induced an early budding, 15 days ahead of the average. During the month of April, heat and humidity favored active growth, leaving the vines to maintain their lead. We sprayed a horsetail tea to prevent the vineyard from mildew.

Flowering :

The equally hot and humid spring resulted in a particularly early flowering 12 days early, placing 2020 among the earliest vintages as 2003 and 2011.

Mechanical inter-row work preserved the clay-humic layer and avoided erosion phenomena by allowing violent and successive offal of water to be directly assimilated by the soil.

We removed the leaves from the bunches on the east side, keeping the others on the west to protect the grapes from wilting by desiccation.

Veraison :

Started in Fougas on July 13, in the midst of a period of drought. It was quite slow but very regular and homogeneous, with a mid-veraison around July 18th, which is 12 days ahead of the average. Thanks to our new cultural practices, the vines have never suffered from drought.

From veraison and throughout August, the climate was characterized by particularly hot days and nights, and a low thermal amplitude between day and night.

The beginning of the month was marked by a week of heatwave. Biodynamics has helped us keep the soil cool thanks to regular spraying of horn dung

Harvest :

At harvest time, the berries had thick, aromatic skins and crunchy pips with nutty flavors. The state of health was perfect. The harvest took place under the sun on September 14 and 15 for the Merlot and September 28 and 29 for the Cabernet.

Wines :

The vats harvested quickly fermented releasing a very beautiful material: Intense colors, aromas of black fruits, roundness, suppleness and tannic richness, foreshadowing a magnificent vintage 2020.

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