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May - June 2022

May - June 2022

The end of May until mid-June is an essential step for the vine: The Flower.
Throughout this period, waves of a subtle and refined fragrance perfume perfume the property ...

A pleasure!

In the vineyards the flower ...

This step is crucial for a good harvest. Climatic conditions influence fertilization. Too much heat or rain can affect grain production.
Once the pollen is at the level of the pistil, the smooth running depends on the temperature but also on the nutrients available including carbon (C) and nitrogen (N).
The vine is self-fertilizing: It is a self-pollinating and hermaphrodite plant.

Then, the fall of the floral caps.

To allow good fertilization, the floral caps (here brown in the photo), must fall. If a rain comes to thwart their fall by sticking them to the flower, fertilization is disturbed, the seeds will abort.
It is at this stage that everything is at stake, and that we estimate the yield and quality of the new vintage.
These two phases went well in Fougas where we see the grains appear...

Work in the vineyards

If the vine works alone to produce its future bunches, we are overwhelmed during this period when we run after it...
Manual leaf stripping, lifting and lifting in trellising in order to ventilate future clusters to preserve them from all diseases, preventive treatments in organic and qualitative in biodynamics ....

... In short, the vine does not stop growing either before or after the 7 hours of daily work provided by the labor code, (The days lengthen accelerating photosynthesis).
Here, in this photo the result at the end of June of this frantic race after which we will have a short period of respite.


Early tastings

Millésime 2021

Bettane & Desseauve : Score 91-92

Concours de Bordeaux 2022
- Silver Medal -

Concours expression des vins bio d'Aquitaine 2022
- Silver Medal -

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