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June - July in the vineyards

June - July in the vineyards

Dear Winemaker,

After a few days of heat wave on the Bordeaux at 42 ° C, the hail fell on the Médoc, the Right Bank north of Blaye and in the south, on Fronsac and Pomerol.

Château Fougas, like the entire Côtes de Bourg, were spared.

In the vineyards, the lifting in the trellis ...

Recurrent rainfall episodes have resulted in significant foliage growth of more than 20 cm per week. The lifting (second lift in the trellises) took longer than expected.

Our teams are at work!

This phase is crucial to allow good aeration of the bunches until the harvest and protect them from any disease.

The bunches are abundant and healthy, which foreshadows a beautiful 2022 harvest!

Then, soon the veraison...

Veraison is the stage when the grains are loaded with tannins. It usually takes place at the end of July.

During this period we do a biodynamic treatment based on oak bark to stimulate this process.
The more tannins the grapes are loaded with the more complex the flavor and aromas of the wine will be.

Weather & Climate

The Hadley cell, a sub-tropical air current that circles the globe, settled a thousand kilometers further north, causing scorching temperatures followed by hail during contact with the air mass of the polar front.

If this anomaly persists in the future, we will be more and more confronted with the consequences of these violent variations to which we will have to adapt...

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