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Wine and food pairing is essential for the success of your meals. Here are a few tips on how to achieve this harmony :

With poultry: vintages from 2010 to 2016 as well as earlier vintages of Château Fougas Forces de Vie, Château Fougas Maldoror, and Château Fougas Organic will be perfect. Their silkiness, their velvety tannins and their floral complexity are ideal with white meat.

With red meat: opt for a young wine with a generous and powerful fruit that will match perfectly with the smoky flavour of the grilled and rare meat: a more recent vintage such as the 2018, 2019 for wines to keep, or the 2020 for the Château Fougas Organic.

With cheese: Depending on the composition of your cheese platter, young or old, the wines can accompany it perfectly. On strong cheeses, you should opt for a fruity wine, so a young one and on cooked cheeses, you should privilege an old wine.

Service :

Old and young wines require different services to reveal their full charm. It is therefore important to strictly respect certain rules :

     Old wines:

These have aged for a long time in the cellar and have gradually absorbed oxygen through their cork to reach their maturity.

To respect all their delicate nuances, it is imperative to bring them to the room temperature for an hour or two when they leave the cellar.  Count the number of bottles needed in advance according to the number of guests. Uncork them ten minutes in advance. You can serve them directly from the bottle. If you decant them, do it so carefully without aeration so as not to distort their subtle, highly volatile aromas.

As they age, some wines naturally form a deposit at the bottom of the bottle, which no alters their quality. If you decant them, take care to leave the deposit at the bottom of the bottle (if you serve them directly from the bottle, of course, do not serve the last drops).

     Young wines:

Young wines need oxygen to express the complexity of their fruitiness. It is therefore preferable to decant them with a strong aeration several times before serving them.  Never put them at room temperature but choose a temperature slightly lower than that of the room.

Potential of our vintages:

  • Château Fougas Organic: 5 to 10 years
  • Château Fougas Maldoror: 10 to 15 years
  • Château Fougas Forces de Vie : 15 to 20 years

(In biodynamic viticulture, the vintage effect is secondary thanks to the vitality of the root system, which allows the vine to be fed evenly, and thanks to the foliar treatments which stimulate photosynthesis, whatever the climatic conditions).


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