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Alcohol abuse is hazardous for your health, drink sensibly

Our philosophy

A wine with a future

“We want our wines to express sense of place. We are looking for violet aromas rather than tar and favour refinement over concentration. Shunning fashion, we have a deep affinity with the land and are attached to authenticity. The resultant wines are soft, refined and elegant and are brimming with wonderful aromas of spice and fruit…”

Château Fougas has set itself the task of producing an original, archetypal wine with an unmistakable sense of place.

For several years now, tillage, grass cover, manual techniques such as leaf removal, debudding and bunch thinning as well as regular inputs of organic-only compost, are all proof of our desire to work with living, healthy soils.

Conversion to organic wine growing was another milestone along this route and led us to forego use of pesticides for plant health treatments.

We strive to make a sound wine, using no synthetic compounds that would seriously jeopardise our own health and that of our customers.

Since 2009, our initiative has taken us a step further, towards biodynamic wine growing. Although there is still no rational explanation for this technique, its beneficial effect on vine health and the quality of the wines is tangible:

  • The method has a noticeable, direct impact on production of humus and microbial life in the soils.
  • The resultant wines show greater sense of place and are not as reliant on annual weather conditions. They seem more consistent and less prone to vintage variation.

We are confident that through this new commitment we will produce an outstanding wine, consistent with our ethics.

Château Fougas belongs to the Renaissance des Appelations et de Biodyvin.

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Alcohol abuse is hazardous for your health, drink sensibly