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Alcohol abuse is hazardous for your health, drink sensibly

The 2018 Vintage | Côtes de Bourg

A violent and scorching weather!

The Bud burst:

After a winter and a beginning of spring marked by strong bad weather (Episodes of violent rains and frequent storms), the bud burst of the vine began around April 10th. From the 26th of this month the first bunches were visible with a nice exit.

 The Flowering:

The blooming that took place over a short week from May 23rd. During this period a slight hail hit May 26 on Fougas, causing no damage to the bunches but eventually requiring a significant manual cutting because the apices of the branches had been chopped, leaving the vine grow in width rather than in height. We also did just after this episode several biodynamic treatments based on horsetail tea to prevent any attack of mildew

The Veraison:

The months of June and July were characterized by very high heat reaching more than 30 °, and marked occasionally by brief water offal of extreme violence, while the month of August, scorching, was dry without no rain. By August 7, the vine was mid-veraison. During this month, the leaves stopped growing and the grapes were loaded with tannins. The biodynamics allowed us to maintain the freshness of the soil thanks to sprays of horn dung.

The Harvest:

The harvest took place from 22 September on the merlot, and the following weekend on the cabernet. The skins of the grapes were thick and tasty, but the juice was not very important because of the drought of summer and September.


The scarce harvest is exceptionally qualitative with complex and refined flavors. The wines are now in barrels with a good length in the mouth and a lot of fruit. This year, we innovated and some of the wine is aging in amphora …

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Alcohol abuse is hazardous for your health, drink sensibly