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Alcohol abuse is hazardous for your health, drink sensibly

The 2016 Vintage | Côtes de Bourg

…That for all the excess !


After a long period of rain in the spring, an episode of heat wave this summer for more than four months without a drop of rain, vine asked for 2016 sustained and redoubled entire growth careful…

The Bud burst :

After a mild winter and little rain, almost Mediterranean, the instability of the sky was installed from March throughout the spring with an unusual freshness. Bud, late, started in the first half of April in the rain.

The Flowering :

After frequent rain events, flowering came under sun and a favorable heat of 20°C for a week from May 28.
With already eight days late compared to the previous year, well-fertilized flowers produced pretty long and abundant clusters.
The rest of the spring was very wet, requiring special attention to prevent all diseases.

The Veraison :

At 14/08/16, the grapes were veraison mid with a delay of fifteen days on annual averages. “Veraison” was very smooth promising a harvest of exceptional regular maturity.
The heat wave moved from July and throughout the month of August without any rain event.
Fearing the blocking of maturity by drought we plowed the soil during that month in accordance with the old peasant saying: « A plowing worth two watering, » which ensured perfect water regulation. Thus the vine has not suffered from the heat or lack of water. We accompanied the work of several treatments of biodynamics.

The Harvest :

September was unusually sunny and about in the summer heat, favoring a perfect late maturation and very homogeneous. The harvest took place from 1 to 8 October in the sun…

The Wines :

The wines have rich fruit, freshness, color and tannin. They are full, dense, fine and velvety. All is harmonious. The 2016 vintage is already beautiful !!

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Alcohol abuse is hazardous for your health, drink sensibly